ISE Students Sweep 3 Top Spots at Gen AI 4 Good Innovation Challenge

Three teams consisting of 12 ISE students win first, second, and third places at Tangent’s Gen AI 4 Good Innovation Challenge.

Beginning in November of last year, the Generative AI for Good Innovation Challenge run by Tangent (Trinity College Dublin) invited students from across Ireland to engage in innovative problem-solving using Generative AI technology. 

The initiative concluded yesterday with a Demo Day where teams of students presented their ideas to a panel of judges.

In total, five ISE teams participated in the challenge with three teams (two first year teams and 1 second year team) placing in the top three.

1st Place: StreetWise
Streetwise is a mobile application that promotes safety in our communities. Users of Streetwise can report and view areas in which they feel unsafe. Streetwise then leverages AI to provide alternative safer routes as well as real-time monitoring and analysis of reports made.
ISE second year students: Dara Newsome & Karl Gilmartin
Runners Up: Med Connect

People who are indefinitely hospitalised rarely get visits from family or friends, causing the patient to feel lonely. This is why we designed MedConnect. It is a chat-bot that resides at a patient’s bedside. It allows chronically ill patients to feel less alone in their tough situations. It makes use of generative AI to create personalised conversations aurally, tailored playlists, images and more to keep patients engaged and happy, as well as give encouragement, learning from the responses given.

On top of this, MedConnect fosters a network of patients in the same care facility, enabling them to interact.

ISE first year students: Dawid Jakubowski, Alisia Kazimierek, Michelle Vaz, Ellice Nelson, & Kelly Abidoye

Runners Up: Traffix

Traffix is a route feasibility analysis tool. The tool is primarily for use by County Councils to speed up the planning process.

ISE first year students: Jay Olajitan, Jean Carson, Ushen Wijayatne, Conor Browne, & Daniel Moody (not pictured)

Well done also to Eoghan O Mahony for his project “Sign Language” and to Thomas Joyce and Dara Heaphy for their work on “Laochra Irish”.

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