TECS Awards 2022


The 2nd annual TECS awards (2022), University of Limerick, 10th January, 2023. €5,000 prize money was awarded to innovative secondary school students winners.

The national awards ceremony for TECS took place in the University of Limerick today. TECS, which awards self-driven secondary school students for working on innovative projects, is an initiative of the Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) course at UL, Patch, the summer programme for young entrepreneurs and the Irish Computer Society. Barry Lunn, founder & CEO of Provizio, Tom McCarthy of Patch, Tiziana Margaria of ISE and UL President Kerstin Mey presented prizes to 10 winning teams from across Ireland.

Pictured below from left to right – Tiziana Margaria (ISE), 3rd place Suribhi Sathish, 1st place Samir Bioud, 2nd place Kishi Akinyemi and Kerstin Mey, UL President.

1st place, Samir Bioud (Rice College, Ennis) won first place for developing a compiler for his own programming language, called Quinoa.


2nd place, Kishi Akinyemi (St Mell’s College, Longford), won second place for IPBOX, a tool for licensing and securing patents.


3rd place, Surabhi Sathish (Loreto College, Kilkenny) won third place for her project which used AI to automatically identify and sort rubbish.


The standard was of such high standard this year that the TECS judges also selected 9 student projects to receive Merit Awards. Including one group award to 3 students from Sutton Park School, Dublin.

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